• Videos

    Lots of new video’s!

    In the last weeks I added new video’s to this site.

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  • Philipp Rüttgers & Oene van Geel

    New video’s with Philipp Rüttgers!

    After our BIMhuis gig in November we decided to do a video recording the week after at the Concervatory of Arnhem. Great video-work by Dennis which captured our ‘What you see is what you get’ mentality. We are very happy with it.

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  • Oene van Geel & Philipp Rüttgers

    A new album!

    Oene and Philipp Rüttgers present their duo album ‘Changing Landscapes’ released with High End recording label Just Listen on Native DSD Music.

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  • Oene van Geel & David Braid

    Concerten met David Braid (Canada) op 9 en 10 februari

    Binnenkort speel ik een tweetal duoconcerten met de Canadese jazzpianist/componist David Braid. Daar ben ik heel blij mee dus ik breng het graag bij jullie onder de aandacht. Wees welkom!

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  • Fraser Fifield Graeme Stephen

    Haanstra & van Geel join a special new project: LoLanders

    In this new Scottish/ Dutch group Mark and Oene join two musicians with whom Oene has been playing for several years already.

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  • November Music Festival

    Premieres at November Music!

    New music by me will be performed on 4 November and 10 November at the November Music Festival.

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  • Oene van Geel - Drawings

    A series of drawings

    While I was on a summer holiday with my family in England, I decided to pick up an old hobby again: drawing.

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  • Oriental Landscapes Festival

    Ode to Istanbul – Carte Blanche for the Oriental Landscapes Festival

    The Oriental Landscapes Festival gave me a Carte Blanche evening + a commission to write a new composition! I invited 5 wonderful friends / musicians I admire to join me. The composition is called ‘Ode to Istanbul’, and it is inspired by the many faces of this dazzling city.

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  • Mark Haanstra & Oene van Geel Photo Veenstra Visueel & Udo Prinsen

    Album presentation: Shapes of Time

    Their debut album, Shapes of Time, will be released on March 19, 2018, and features special collaborations with visual artist Udo Prinsen and guitarist Raphael Vanoli.

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  • Oene van Geel - Taiwan, under a Banyan tree

    My current activities

    Hello all, it has been a while since I updated my news.

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  • Oene van Geel & Mark Haanstra -

    A new website in the air:

    Since 20 years I play with bass guitarist Mark Haanstra in several bands and it is always a true pleasure to share the stage with him!

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  • Hello Cello 2016

    Two concerts at the Amsterdam Cello Biennale

    I will be active in two concerts at the Amsterdam Cello Biennale 2016. 22 Oct Hello – Cello Orchestra, 25 Oct – Zapp4 + Jerome Pernoo

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  • Oene van Geel - Sudoku

    Sudoku reviews

    An update of the Sudoku reviews (October 2016)

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  • Zapp4

    A new Zapp4 album with Nirvana songs is on its way

    Last June we recorded three days with engineer Chris Weeda and now we just finished the mixing.

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  • Dutch National Opera

    2 new productions for the Dutch National Opera

    In season 2016-2017 I will be working on two new productions for the Dutch National Opera (composing and playing).

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  • Composing for Nick Shugaev (cello) & Willem Stam (cello) & The New European Ensemble

    In the past months I have been working hard on a cello double concerto for two inspiring cellists and friends Nick Shugaev and Willem Stam.

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  • Oene van Geel - Sudoku


    It is such a pleasure to introduce my first solo album to all of you: Sudoku. In 2015 I have had several recording sessions in the Warning Studio’s, with the wonderful engineer Björn Warning.

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