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Electric Encounters, a new album!

Oene van Geel - Electric Encounters (Connecting Colors Vol. 2)
Oene van Geel - Electric Encounters

Hello all, I am excited to present you a new album full of collaborations. 15 March 2021 ‘Electric Encounters – Connecting Colors Vol. 2’ sees the light. In contrast to the acoustic Connecting Colors Vol 1 we go a bit more extreme here: Jazz, Metal, Ambient, Soundscapes, Acoustic meets Electronic. I am thrilled with all these wonderful musicians joining me in this adventure. Because of these Corona times most of the music was made by sending the tracks back and forth but in some cases we could play live together and mix together.

By buying this album at Zennez Records you will support all these musicians including me. In these times that will be very welcome for all of us. We all are waiting for venues to open again and deliver our music live to you. Nevertheless, this album captures a special moment in time for me and I am happy to bring it into this world!

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