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August / September tour with Changing Landscapes

Changing Landscapes (tour)
photo by George Dimitriu

With my dear friends Philipp Rüttgers (piano) and Pau Sola (cello) I will be touring in the Netherlands from 26 August onwards.

I love this combination of people! Come see us play!

  • Aug 26th +  Beauforthuis
  • Aug 27th + *  Mariengaarde Kapel
  • Aug 28th  Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour (sold out)
  • Sep 4th + *  Dominicuskerk
  • Sep 5th  Maarten Luther Kerk (sold out)
  • Sep 12th + *  Living Room Concert
  • Oct 3rd  Jazz Inverdan
  • + Funded by Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • * Reservations via philippruettgers@gmail.com

Changing Landscapes Tour

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