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A new website in the air: markoene.nl

Oene van Geel & Mark Haanstra - markoene.nl
photo by René Dissel

Since 20 years I play with bass guitarist Mark Haanstra in several bands and it is always a true pleasure to share the stage with him!

After a series of 16 concerts this season we thought it was about time to have a website for our new duo. We will record our first duo cd soon and at this moment Mark is composing new material for that.

It is a big pleasure for us to work with guest musicians and last season we worked with: Rembrandt Frerichs, Wolfert Brederode, Matteo Mijderwijk, George Dumitriu, Sanem Kalfa and Indu Panday.
The next guest we want to work with is Raphael Vanoli. We look forward to how his creative guitar skills will blend with our playing.

A viola / bass guitar duo is perhaps a rare, but in this case obvious combination. For more info about Mark Haanstra & Oene van Geel visit markoene.nl.

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