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A new album!

Oene van Geel - Connecting Colors Vol. 1 Acoustic Encounters
Oene van Geel - Connecting Colors Vol. 1 Acoustic Encounters

Connecting Colors Vol. 1
Acoustic Encounters

The link to purchase the album: ZenneZ Records

The arrival of the Corona virus had a big impact on all of us. Like many of my fellow musicians I saw all my performances being cancelled and overnight my life had to take a big turn.
For sure it was sad to not be able to be on stage with my artistic friends but quite soon I decided that this did not mean the end of musical interaction. I borrowed good home-recording gear from a friend and started filesharing with musicians around the world. In this digital era it makes no difference if you send the file to your neighbour or a musical friend in Toronto.

The idea is this: one person starts recording and gives the other total freedom to work from that first start and add new material on top. Sometimes I started on these tracks, sometimes the other musician. While we could not play together on stage it gave me a way to play ‘musical chess’ with inspiring musical friends. It gave me a way to connect, and music is all about connection.

This first album, in a series of three, brings mostly acoustic interaction. I have a big love for the world of chamber music and the sound of voice, wood, skins, strings, and brass.

Many thanks to Heidi, Cengiz, John, Mark, Tom, Erica, Irene, Julien, Oguz and Bart for joining me on this first album.

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