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30 April 2022 at the BIMhuis: Mind Maps!

Oene van Geel with F-Quintone
Oene with F-Quintone

A new program and a new group will preform for you. Featuring Philipp Rüttgers, Pau Sola, Setareh Nafisi, Anton Jakimenko, Nawras Altaky, Dirge Secil Kuran and me.

Three of the most fascinating aspects of life I find curiosity, insight and connection. The world around us is complex and in many aspects understandable and equally incomprehensible. Great beauty and dark forces manifest themselves simultaneously, whereby the world for me cannot be divided into simple frames.

I asked Setareh, Pau, Philipp, Anton, Dirge, Nawras, as well as Cengiz, Erica and Anabella to write down a blueprint of their thoughts in the moment for me and I started composing with that. At the same time, I worked with the musical personalities of everyone who plays along. In addition to my new notes, Philipp and Setareh also bring in their own piece and visual work by Setareh and me can be seen.

April 30th will be a personal evening for all of us.
We hope to welcome you in the BIMhuis.

Ciao! Oene

Tickets available at: BIMhuis.

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