Composition is a true passion for me

Photo Gemma Kessels

I love to write for chamber music ensembles, string quartet, woodwinds, soloists, bands, (string) orchestra, big bands and any unexpected combination of instruments.

In this I can notate every detail but I can also create a lot of opportunity for improvisation in the moment. That would depend on the creative process and the wishes of the musicians I write for.

In general the chamber music works I compose for others have a lot of written content but if I write them for my own groups, or the bands I play with, I include lots of improvisational options in the music.

Besides working with music itself as the main item I love to combine music with other disciplines. I am especially fascinated in working with dancers / choreographers and musical theatre / opera.

I also arrange music if that is demanded for certain projects but my main focus is on composing new music in close collaboration with the performers.

Photo Emile Holba

Compositions for groups

In addition to writing for my own groups I have composed for:

The New European Ensemble and Emlyn Stam, Frederieke Saeijs, The Osiris trio, Calefax, The David Kweksilber Bigband, Splendorkestra, Ensemble Black Pencil, The Amstel Quartet, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Erik Bosgraaf + the Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands, Remy van Kesteren + Eric Vloeimans, Matangi Quartet, Bart de Kater, The Ricciotti Ensemble and many others.

Compositions for musical theatre companies

Silbersee, Holland Opera (several productions), Muziektheater Hollands Diep, Tafel van Vijf (Herman van Baar), Schweigman&, Sonnevanck Theatre, De Wereldband, MaxTak orchestra and Heather Ware (dance) and Kenzo Kusuda (dance).

Composition commissions for festivals

The Netherlands Violin Competition (2016), Cello Biennale Amsterdam (edition 2016 and 2008), Storioni Festival (2013), Orlando Festival (2012), November Music (2006), the North Sea Jazz Festival (2005), SJU Jazz Festival (2002) and the Marathon Festival (2002).

Upcoming composition assignments

  • A double cello concerto for Nikolay Shugaev and Willem Stam with the New European Ensemble.
  • An opera for the Dutch National Opera made in collaboration with other composer Florian Magnus Maier and director Marcel Sijm (both are great to work with!). To be premiered in May 2017.
  • New work for a collaborative project with the Stedelijk Museum and the Dutch National Opera. Together with Marcel Sijm and guitar player / composer Bram Stadhouders. (2016)
  • A solo violin suite for Frederieke Saeijs. (2017)
  • A new composition for violinist Liza Ferschtman (violin) and Calefax (woodwinds).
  • A new opera / dance production for Holland Opera (2017).
  • New work for a music theatre project with choreographer Kenzo Kusuda and The New European Ensemble (2017).

A selection of scores (pdf)

Here you can download an overview of all the compositions I have written so far Updated 2016

A very special thanks to

The composition department of The Performing Arts Fund NL for their support of my compositional work!